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East Austin Unlocks First Neighborhood of 3D Printed Homes in the US

( The country’s first neighborhood of 3D-printed homes has arrived in East Austin. But you might need to print some money to afford the houses, with one of the price tags approaching $800,000.

Two 3D-printed homes at the East 17th Street Residences development in East Austin were sold in March, and the two other 3D-printed homes there are currently on the market:

  1. A 2-story Treehouse Residence, a 1,928- square-foot home with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It’s listed at $795,000, or $412 per square foot.

  2. A 2-story Skyview Residence, a 1,572- square-foot home with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It’s listed at $745,000, or $474 per square foot.

For comparison’s sake, the median sale price of a home with the city of Austin reached $574,975 in July. According to, the median per-square-foot list price for a home in Austin was $304 in July.

Each of the 3D-printed homes features a private yard, covered parking, an open floor plan, “bespoke” interior design, large windows, a high-performance HVAC system, and a “minimalist” architectural style.

Kansas City-based developer 3Strands teamed up with Austin-based construction technology company ICON on the country’s first neighborhood of 3D-printed homes. “Fundamentally, our country’s housing crisis is a supply issue,” Gary O’Dell, CEO of 3Strands, says in an August 31 news release. “3Strands is working to solve this by pushing the boundaries of new technologies that address root causes of this supply issue. By 3D-printing these homes, East 17th Street is a significant advancement for the future of construction.”

O’Dell’s company says 3D-printing technology enables construction of safer, more resilient homes that are designed to withstand fires, floods, windstorms, and other natural disasters better than traditional homes.

Austin-based Logan Architecture designed the homes, and Claire Zinnecker oversaw the interior finishes and fixture selections.

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