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Austin Real Estate Statistics March 2016

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Every month Realtors are sending out statistics for homes bought and sold within the Austin MLS. The headlines are everywhere, ‘Austin home prices set new records.’ Prices keep going up. So much so that I think we are just waiting for it level off at some point. Maybe we have become a little numb to it, even though it is great news. Our investments are growing, super! More like, super-boring!

Every so often I find something in these numbers that catches me off-guard and astounds me. Specifically, in March 2016, the total sales accrued was $940M. Not a record number by itself, but this was $100M more than March of 2015. Impressive! What’s more, March 2015 was $130M more than 2014. And 2013 was $130M more than 2012. Let’s be real though, $100M isn’t cool anymore.

How about $1B? In my opinion, April 2016 will prove to be another huge month and accrue $1B in home sales. This is somewhat safe to say, as April has out performed March since 2006. Further, if this sales estimate were correct, that would be $100M more sales in April 2016, than April 2015. If you guessed that April 2015 would sell $100M more than April 2014, you’d be right!

There’s a pattern here true, but to be clear not all months tell the same story as March and April. We know March 2016 was a record breaker, and I think April will be too. So what does this mean? Listing your home in late January through February is a great idea! Seriously, let’s plan ahead. Call me to talk real estate!

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